Reduce - Recycle & Re-use

At THCC we believe in the recycling of all materials where possible, and, where this cannot be done, in the safe disposal of all waste, using local authority waste disposal amenities.

Any items that are can't be resold will be donated to local charities (if you have specific requests we can oblige) In recent months, we have been able to organise the re-use of substantial amounts of furniture and effects gathered from house clearances.

Anything that is unfit for re-use will be processed and taken to recycle depot This keeps the tipping fee's low and our carbon footprint down to the minimum required
Fridges - Freezers - Washing Machines - Bed Frames - Wardrobes - TV Units - TV's
All of these are items that are regularly thrown away even though they are still working and in good condition, contact us and we can always find a new loving home for them
THCC is working to reduce the environmental impact of any work to a minimum. By recycling as much as possible of the materials we receive, we are already having a significant impact in reducing energy use, and hence carbon emissions, because it is far more efficient to reuse than to manufacture.

We have installed low energy lighting in our offices, and no computers or other devices are left on standby when the office is not attended.
We have introduced energy awareness training for our staff and part of their brief is to look for energy saving opportunities wherever possible.
All our vehicles are fitted with satellite navigation systems to minimise wasted fuel by ensuring that they use the shortest possible routes.
Recycling saves energy and enables us to reduce our carbon emissions.

The future of the planet, and that of our children depends on the decisions we make today.

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